ECMS(Electronic Claims Management System) ECMS(Electronic Claims Management System)


ECSMS(Electronic Claims Management System) is System that is involved in car maintenance and brought the gap to the study on how to recover losses in companies and break the corruption system in car maintenances.
Car Check Up

All-in-One Accident Declaration Plateform

A one-stop platform for large enterprises to optimise purchasing of material and service inputs not included in their core products or service (aka, indirect spend)

  • Declare your Accident Online using our System
  • Send those Information to the Insurance Company
  • Get Notification on your mobile phone
  • Track your accident wherever using your phone or computer
  • Win a Bid on every broken car with equal ability to get it
  • get police Report online without even meet with them

How it works

ECMS is e-procurement system helps people who have issues of broken vehicles, they need the support of repairing their vehicles on good prices and fast with a guarantee of maintenance, so we build this platform to connect the client with GARAGES, INSURANCE AND other organization, your works with, we help to make the process of fixing vehicles go fast.